2023 Improvements
February 13, 2024
2023 Improvements
February 13, 2024

Best Geriatric Care Managers

A geriatric care manager (GCM) is a private pay expert and advocate who advises, assists, and leads care plans for disabled persons, especially seniors.  Many are experienced nurses with numerous professional certifications.  This blog describes GCMs and lists 7 local good ones.

We might divide GCM services in five categories:
1. Health: GCMs may speak with health professionals together with seniors or on their behalf.
2. Financial: GCMs may introduce seniors to insurance programs and financial resources.
3. Housing: GCMs may describe and recommend options for home care and local care homes.
4. Families: GCMs may provide education, counseling, and mediation services for families.
5. Legal: GCMs may recommend elder law attorneys or provide expert opinions in courts.

Here are three scenarios when a GCM might be helpful:

1. A son or daughter might live in another state or have a busy job or a young family, so it could be difficult to help a parent navigate a care crisis. They could hire a GCM to help.

2. A senior might be a “solo ager” without children or a spouse to help with planning or a crisis. This senior may consult a GCM for many years or hire one as a Power of Attorney.

3. A family might feel overwhelmed but still want the absolute best care. It may hire a GCM to help ensure the best results from hospitals, care homes, insurance companies, and attorneys.

Many GCMs join the Aging Life Care Association (www.aginglifecare.org/).  I searched this website to find local GCMs.  I also checked for online reviews and other evidence of reliability.  Here is my January 2024 list of my 7 best local GCMs.  [I have met the ones in bold type.]

1. Aging Well (Harwinton, 13 minutes): Lisa Cheney is a nurse and certified gerontologist. She served a resident here who had advanced dementia and an out-of-state family.  Lisa helped with true expertise and heartfelt compassion. (www.agingwellnwct.com, phone 860-812-4321).

2. Silver Linings (Plantsville, 18 minutes): Christine Mills began studying senior care 26 years ago when her 62yo mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She has a Gerontology master’s and worked for the CT Home Care Program. www.cmsilverlinings.com, phone 860-276-6787).

3. Sage Solutions (West Hartford, 19 minutes): Kathryn Freda has 20+ years of experience and a gerontology master’s.  She created Sage as an all-star team of geriatric care specialists.  Sage averages 5 stars in 7 online reviews. (www.sagesolutions.com, phone 203-585-4704).

4. Compassionate Choice (West Hartford, 19 minutes): Kate Thaisz has 15+ years of experience and a gerontology master’s.  Kate has extraordinary diverse healthcare, nonprofit, social service, and legal experience.  (www.compassionatechoicect.com, phone 860-474-3614).

5. All Ages Care Management (Newington, 19 minutes): Denise Talbot has a bachelor’s in music education.  She helped her own parents before their passing.  She values advocacy, ethics, integrity, creativity, and timeliness. (www.allagescaremanagement.com, phone 860-794-8050).

6. Patient Advocate For You (Avon, 20 minutes): Sharon Gauthier is a nurse with hospital experience.  Her team has 4.3 stars in 34 reviews and 1,700+ Facebook followers.  Clients praise her fierce advocacy.  (www.facebook.com/PatientAdvocateForYou/, phone 860-703-1575).

7. Honorable Mention Waves of Change (Collinsville, 9 minutes).  Jessica Dakin joined the Aging Life Care Association in 2021.  She has a bachelor’s in nursing.  (Phone 860-817-4665).