Shady Oaks is your best choice for strong nurse CT assisted living.

We’re a smart alternative to nursing homes & 24 hour home care.

Visit our cozy homeMeet the owner, Tyson, at 860-583-1526.

Nurse Debbie is a health champion for our residents.

Strong Nursing

Debbie, our supervising Registered Nurse, has helped 250+ seniors in 20+ years at Shady Oaks.  She is a personal health champion for all our residents.

Debbie leads three registered nurses and six licensed practical nurses.  Our nurses personally check on residents an average of 2-3 times every day & remain on-call nightly.  Several residents receive 5 or more nursing visits every day.

Our Certified Nurse Assistants combine long-serving veterans with smart young caregivers. Most have nursing home experience.  Many are in college. On average, they have worked 4.8 years in our home.  We have staff ratios of about 1 aide for 9 residents for days and 1 for 18 at night. Two or more experienced Certified Nursing Assistants are always awake and on duty.

We also partner with physicians, neuro-psychiatrists, podiatrists, physical & occupational therapists, home care providers, local transportation, senior day care, Bristol Hospital, and hospice. Dr. Gary Miller, Dr. Asante Mendes, and Dr. Faysal Siddiqui visit in-home here.

Because of our staff’s care, skill, and loyalty, 95%+ of our residents can stay with us, even as their needs increase. About 45% of our residents use wheelchairs, and 15% use lifts. We are expert in providing dementia and hospice care.

Cozy Homemaking

Our home is in a pleasant residential neighborhood with sidewalks, kids arriving home from school, families walking dogs, trees, chipmunks, and baby birds.

Our home has 23 cozy shared and single studio apartments.  They have furniture and decorations at no extra charge, and you can bring your own.  All rooms have emergency cords.  Residents with walkers or wheelchairs do not have to travel far to reach our dining rooms.  In our cozy home, residents are not lost or forgotten.

Our meals are delicious and healthy.  We take special requests for weekly food orders and always have menu alternativesOur lead chef learned cooking from her father, graduated culinary art school and has 12 years of experience in Senior dining.

We clean and refresh our apartments every day.  We do all resident laundry at no extra cost.  Our skilled housekeeper has cleaned our home for 15 years.

We provide free help with all furniture moves.  We fix the cable, replace A/C units, and do all repairs.  Our maintenance chief has fixed our home for 5 years.  We also have strong local professional partners, including plumbers, electricians, and grounds keepers.

We continually reinvest in our building & grounds.  In 2016, we installed bright all-new windows, renovated 3 resident rooms, updated our main office, installed wi-fi throughout our home, and landscaped our borders. In 2017, we installed central air conditioning, renovated 3 resident rooms, increased our household plants and paintings, lined our parking lot with trees, bought a professional kitchen stove, added two huge 75” televisions for our common rooms, remodeled our downstairs flooring, and completed our much-anticipated in-home elevator. In 2018, we will renovate more resident rooms, update our laundry room, add resources for activities, continue our landscaping projects, and buy advanced hospital beds.

Health Image
We decorate our home with seasonal spirit.
Grandparents Assisted Living in Connecticut
Long-time residents make long-time friends.

Personal Happiness

Beyond our foundation of strong nursing & cozy homemaking, we support our residents and resident families as they pursue their personal journeys to happiness.

We have a full-time Director for Wellness and Recreation. She earned a therapeutic recreation degree, has two decades of care experience, and serves as a Congregational Church Deacon in Terryville CT. She decorates our home, leads group activities, and provides personal one-on-one support for all our residents.

As a community, we gather for activities.  These include movies, arts, crafts, games, weekly bingo, youth talent, volunteer groups, and professional performers.  We also celebrate milestones, including birthdays and anniversaries.  Every Thursday, a professional physical therapist leads group exercises.  Every Friday, a Eucharistic Minister from St. Gregory’s Church leads prayer and grants Communion.

One-on-one, we grant personal wishes.  Many residents enjoy resting in our gazebo, feeding birds, and helping our tomato plants grow.  We have also had resident pets, family guests overnight, shopping trips, visits to Wendy’s, dishes of M&Ms, restaurant delivery orders, family recipes, public iPads and Wi-Fi, special book & movie orders, volunteer work, watercolor painting, Google virtual travel, selected CD dinner music, all-day cookies and tea, faith events, and community volunteers.  Our hairdresser prepares hair every Friday at our sunporch salon.

Guests are always welcome.  Their meals are free.  We provide great care, so families enjoy more quality time. What is your happiness?  We will support you.

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