Geriatric Care on a Chalkboard
Best Geriatric Care Managers
February 13, 2024
Geriatric Care on a Chalkboard
Best Geriatric Care Managers
February 13, 2024

2023 Family Survey Results

Dear Shady Oaks Family,

This letter shares early results from our 2023 Family Survey. So far, we received 36 replies for the 57 anonymous surveys we sent to current and recent resident families. Here are our results:

Questions: Average Score
1=worst & 5=best
Overall would you recommend Shady Oaks?  5.0
We strive to provide strong nursing. Do we?  4.9
We strive to provide a cozy home.  Are we cozy?  4.9
We strive to be loyal to residents.  Are we loyal?  5.0

We feel especially grateful for your kind and supportive comments about our staff and home.  Across our replies, here are nice quotes written by families in the “additional comments section.”

“Best decision _____ and I ever made – He was very comfortable + happy there.  Thank you.”

“My sister and I are very impressed with the way mom has progressed in just the first 5 weeks living there.  She seems to fit in very well.  We are relieved.”

“Shady Oaks staff and management go above and beyond in their care for residents and also helping families with medical and financial direction.  The “best” in Bristol.”

“Love all the live plants and art works.”

“Shady Oaks was a blessing to our family when we needed it most!”

“Thank you so much for Mom’s wonderful care and for the beautiful birthday party.”

“The family is notified of any & all med changes.”

“Tyson, _______ & I both appreciate all the care and kindness your staff extended to my parents… Their last years were extremely difficult mentally and physically for them, but Shady Oaks gave them the best care and support anyone could have asked for.”

“I have recommended Shady Oaks a number of times + will continue to recommend!”

“Highly recommend Shady Oaks to any family who has a loved one who needs assistance!”

“We highly recommend your facility to all we speak to!”

“Shady Oaks is the gold standard.  _______ misses you all and appreciates your continued well wishes.  All the best and much success in 2024.”

“You have the most wonderful caring staff.  I came to know and love all of them.  My husband had great care.”

“I never thought I would find a place for mom like Shady Oaks – you take such good care of her… You provide piece of mind and take a level of stress off my shoulders.  Thank you!”

Very Respectfully,
Tyson Francis Belanger