How To Find Senior Care
November 21, 2023
2023 Improvements
February 13, 2024
How To Find Senior Care
November 21, 2023
2023 Improvements
February 13, 2024

Best Elder Law Attorneys

Elder law attorneys provide specialized legal services for seniors. This December 2023 blog describes basic legal tools, some advanced tools, and our 8 “Best Elder Law Attorneys” near Bristol, Connecticut.

Basic legal tools for almost every senior:
Power of Attorney: This designates a person or persons to help manage financial matters.
Health Care Proxy: This designates a person or persons to help decide medical questions.
HIPPA: This authorizes a person or persons to know private health care information.
Living Will: This limits medical interventions, such as do not resuscitate or intubate.*
* In the elderly, some interventions risk the quality of life, so limits are often preferable.
Last Will & Testament: This describes asset distributions and ceremonies after passing.

Advanced tools for only some people:
Financial Aid from VA, CT, or Medicaid: When seniors need to pay for care, aid may help.
Irrevocable Trusts: If seniors want to shelter funds and get state aid, these help after 5 years.
Pooled Trusts: If seniors are over-asset or over-income for aid, these maximize aid sooner.
Separation of Assets: If one spouse needs state aid, these protect the other spouse’s finances.
Conservatorships: If disagreements arise, these establish probate court supervised authorities.
Revocable Trusts: If seniors want asset distributions without months in probate, these can help.

To find our best local attorneys, I searched the CT National Academy of Elder Law Attorney’s website ( for ones within 20 minutes of Shady Oaks. I selected attorneys who average 4+ stars in over 5 online reviews, and I met several (listed in bold type). Here are my Dec 2023 results:

Allaire Elder Law (6 min, Bristol) averages 4.9 stars in 131 reviews. Ask for Attorney Halley Allaire. She is a Navy veteran and Bristol local. Her father, Steve Allaire, founded the firm. Halley, Steve, and their expert team have helped many Shady Oaks families. Phone 860-259-1500 (

Kilbourne & Tully (9 min, Bristol) averages 4.1 stars in 21 reviews. They won Bristol Press Best of Bristol in 2023, 2022, and 2021. Ask for Attorney Dan Tully or Dean Kilbourne. Dan is a great public educator. Dean is a lifelong Bristol local. Phone 860-583-1341 (

Law Offices of Amy E. Orlando (11 min, Plainville) averages 5 stars in 6 reviews. Ask for Attorney Amy Orlando or Rachelle Apple. Amy and Rachelle emphasize how they take personal care, feelings, and time to explain every step. Phone 203-439-9293 (

Ericson, Scalise & Mangan (15 min, New Britain) averages 4.7 stars in 36 reviews. They won the Herald’s Best of New Britain in 2023, 2022, and 2021. Ask for Attorney Robert Scalise Jr or Cate Craig. They serve in many charities, youth sports teams, and civic groups. Phone 860-229-0369 (

Czepiga Daly Pope & Perri (18 min, Berlin) averages 4.7 stars in 42 reviews. They have 14 attorneys, including litigation experts. A few years ago, Attorney Colleen Masse helped me learn about Pooled Trusts. I recommend their great weekly email blogs. Phone 860-236-7673 (

Law Offices of Jordan Richards (18 min, Thomaston) averages 4 stars in 24 reviews (from Seaborne & Malley). Attorney Jordan Richards is now a Probate Judge. He is a Cornell University and Quinnipiac Law graduate. He earned a Plymouth Key for Kindness. Phone 860-283-3147 (

Drew Law (20 min, Avon) averages 4.5 stars in 23 reviews (from Drew & Cohen). Drew & Cohen is a boutique trusts and estates firm. Attorney Christopher Drew recently began his own firm. He has won numerous prestigious attorney-voted peer awards. Phone 860-677-1974 (

Drazen Rubin Law (20 min, West Hartford by appointment) averages 4.6 stars in 50 reviews. Ask for Attorney Steven Rubin. Steven spoke at the CT Assisted Living Association. He is compassionate and knowledgeable. He customizes and personalizes legal planning. Phone 203-877-7511 (



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