History of Senior Care
History of Senior Care
August 15, 2016
History of Senior Care
History of Senior Care
August 15, 2016

Our Family

Dear Shady Oaks Community,

My name is Tyson Francis Belanger. I am Vernon and Kay Belanger’s youngest son. My parents began caring for seniors in 1969, and they built Shady Oaks in 1976.  This summer marks its 40th anniversary as a home and its 21st anniversary as an assisted living community.  My parents are pioneers.  Shady Oaks is the second licensed assisted living in all of Connecticut.

Many of my relatives, including both my grandmothers, lived happy years at Shady Oaks.  We have kept our promise of expert nursing, heartfelt living, and helpful financial advising, so we have thrived, cared for hundreds, and became known to most of our residents by referrals.  For our long proud record, we owe special gratitude to our nurse aides, cooks, and support staff.

We now begin a transition. Ron Belanger, Vernon and Kay’s eldest son, has for 10 years, served as our director for operations and community outreach.  His wife, Jean, has for 17 years, served as our head administrator.  In August, Ron, Jean, and their children, will move to Florida.  We deeply thank them for their many years of skilled, innovative, and dependable leadership.

I will soon help continue the excellent care Ron and Jean have provided at Shady Oaks.  In the last year, I became a Red Cross trained certified nursing assistant, then served as assistant director.  As Ron and Jean soon step out, I will step up.  I will buy Shady Oaks from my parents.  In the months ahead, Ron, Jean, and my parents will still advise our continuing services.

Our services will be the same, and better.  Our rates and contracts will remain unaffected. Our staff will continue, led by my aunt and our head nurse of 18 years, Debbie Jawin-Sheak.  Going forward, I will install new windows in July and consider additional building renovations.  I will also look to host more group activities and improve our systems for personalizing care.

Our community’s continuing success, safety, and happiness is now my highest priority.  To be present, I will live in the house next to Shady Oaks. To be responsive, I will be available to you by cell phone, at 860-960-7321.  Please call me if you have any questions or suggestions.  In honor of my grandmothers and parents, I promise Shady Oaks will continue giving top care.

Very Respectfully,

Tyson Francis Belanger
Red Cross Trained CNA
Harvard University PhD
Marine Iraq Veteran
Yale University BA

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