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Shady Oaks Assisted Living 2019 Improvements
September 28, 2019

Nursing Appreciation & Recognition

In 2019, the Connecticut Assisted Living Association Awarded an Outstanding Resident Service Award (Honorable Mention) to Supervising Nurse Debbie Jawin-Sheak.

Dear Shady Oaks Community,
This is a very special week for showing appreciation and providing a warm welcome. This Friday 24 May 2019, Debbie Jawin-Sheak RN will retire after 21 years as our nursing supervisor, and Nicole “Nicki” Guerrette RN will step up into that position. Our community owes extraordinary gratitude to Debbie for her nursing service. For most of Debbie’s time as our supervising nurse, she was our only nurse. Looking back, three virtues stand out and demonstrate her extraordinary commitment in our home:

  1. Debbie always provided strong nursing, especially for residents with high needs. Most recently, she helped a new resident who had been struggling in a nursing home and oversaw his remarkable recovery. One of his long-time nurses called it a “miracle.”
  2.  Debbie combined positive spirits with her nursing. Her humor, sympathetic smiles, and gentle touch encouraged healing residents and comforted residents on hospice. Last year, she twice brought her horses in for residents to pet and enjoy.
  3. Debbie remained loyal to our residents. During the October storm of 2011, when icing caused most of Connecticut to lose electricity, Debbie and her husband used chain saws to cut through roadway fallen trees, so Debbie could serve residents at Shady Oaks.

Our community now gains Nicki as our supervising nurse. Nicki has over 35 years of health care experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant (1984-1987), Licensed Practical Nurse (1987-2009), and Registered Nurse (2009-2019). From 1984 to 2017, she served at the well-regarded Pines skilled nursing home here in Bristol. She then went to Avery Heights Assisted Living, where she supervised 90+ residents. During interviews, Nicki impressed us with her robust work ethic, buoyant enthusiasm, earnest consideration for others, and brilliant attention to detail. We feel grateful for Nicki joining our home.

Starting this weekend, Nicki and our long-time assistant supervisor, Mary Fulton RN, will continue leading our care team and providing service for our residents and families. Meanwhile, Debbie will begin enjoying a well-earned Grand Canyon vacation, where she will ride sturdy trusty mules along narrow scenic Western trails. In June and beyond, Debbie will return to us as a part-time nurse. Thank you Debbie! And welcome Nicki!

Very Respectfully,
Tyson Francis Belanger

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