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June 22, 2023
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June 29, 2023

Planning for Aging Parents and What Type of Care They May Need

We all want to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Admitting the need for help can be a difficult but inevitable step as people reach advanced ages. Getting to that point sometimes involves conflict between adult children who worry about their parents’ safety and older parents who want to remain in control of their own lives.

Moving to a new home is physically and mentally exhausting for anyone, but these effects intensify for many older people. Deciding on a care plan for your elderly loved ones reduces the anxiety some seniors feel about needing help and moving out of their family home. By understanding the options available, you can help your aging parent make the best possible choice for their future care.

Understanding the Most Common Senior Living Options

If you are just starting to review senior living options for one or both of your parents, knowing the three most common types is helpful. These include:

  • Independent Living: This option is suitable for adults as young as 55 who want to continue an active lifestyle and do not need assistance with everyday tasks. The monthly rent for living in an active retirement community typically includes food, maintenance, and on-site entertainment.  Sometimes, residents hire private home care for extra help.
  • Assisted Living Care: Seniors who move into a typical assisted living facility usually need some help with daily self-care activities. Residents may receive aid with grooming, using the bathroom, housekeeping, and managing medication. Medical help is available 24 hours a day, and the cost of rent covers meals and a customized care plan.
  • Memory Care: Senior adults with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other types of cognitive decline face significant safety issues. Many assisted living facilities have locked memory care units for helping them. The increased need to watch over residents’ safety and wellbeing often means more staff on-hand and staff who have specialized training.

To avoid the disruption of multiple moves, it is important to understand how each facility you visit manages the changing needs of its residents. For example, would your mom or dad be able to stay in the same facility while recovering from a fall or stroke? This is not a problem at Shady Oaks Assisted Living.  About 90% of residents at Shady Oaks stay here through to their passing.

Comparing the Cost of In-Home Care vs. Assisted Living Care

The first reaction some seniors and their adult children have when considering moving into Connecticut assisted living care is that there is no way they can afford it. However, they quickly change their minds after considering how much it costs to remain at home versus hiring help to assist with activities of daily living. Some home care companies charge $35 per hour or $10,000 per month for live in 24-hour care. This does not include rent, food, housekeeping, nurse attention, and assistance with scheduling staff call-outs. Especially at high care levels, people save money and get proper care by entering assisted living communities.

Once your mother or father needs assistance more than five hours a day, moving into an assisted living facility makes sense financially and socially. Not only does the per-hour cost go down, but your parents have access to prompt medical care 24 hours a day if necessary. The ability to socialize with peers is another factor that makes assisted living a good decision for many seniors. This is especially true if your parent has already lost a spouse and lives alone.

We Invite You to Tour Our Connecticut Assisted Living Facility Today

Senior care is a family tradition at Shady Oaks. The current owner’s parents began senior care in 1969 and built Shady Oaks almost 50 years ago. Across the generations, this is more than 54 years of senior care experience. The current owner, Tyson Belanger, lives right next door to the senior living facility and is available to talk to families, residents, and caregivers at any time.  His office number is 860-583-1526.

Located in Bristol, Connecticut, Shady Oaks is a small, private pay senior home with 23 rooms and about 40 residents. Please call Shady Oaks today to speak with Tyson or arrange a tour.