2022 Improvements
February 12, 2023
The Importance of Community and Friendships for Seniors in Assisted Care
June 22, 2023

2022 Family Survey

Shady Oaks Family,

Thank you! We sent 56 anonymous 2022 surveys to our current and recent resident families. So far, we received 31 replies. Please we feel proud to share our on average results:

Questions: Average Score
1=worst & 5=best
Overall would you recommend Shady Oaks?  5.0
We strive to provide strong nursing. Do we?  4.9
We strive to provide a cozy home.  Are we cozy?  5.0
We strive to be loyal to residents.  Are we loyal?  5.0


I also wish to share some of the “additional comments” from our families:

”You have a great place and yet you strive for continued improvement.  Bravo!”

”Very pleased with the care my mother has received over the past 5+ years.”

”I will be forever grateful to have found Shady Oaks, Tyson, + the entire staff.  Friendly, accommodating, and personal – ratio of staff to resident is of primary consideration.  Having had a different experience prior to Shady Oaks allows me to appreciate that much more – the environment offered.  Plus, the skilling nursing element + presence of hoyer lifts distinguishes S.O. as a wonderful substitute for a nursing home.  Thank you.”

”Thank you.  We don’t worry about ______’s care anymore.  Rating should be all 10’s!”

”Shady Oaks has an extraordinary staff who genuinely care for the residents as family.”

”Tyson, your facility + service is outstanding as well as your exceptional staff.  I appreciate (and the rest of my family as well) the attention + comfort your staff provided to make my father’s last days as comfortable as possible.”

”Tyson, I would give you a 10 Rating on all questions.  Keep up the excellent work.  You are the Best 🙂  Say hello to all!”

”I can’t thank you enough, Tyson, Nicki, Maria, and Ana, to name a few.  You all loved my Mother and she loved you.  Your professional expertise impressed me more and more as time went on.  This was a great comfort to me… I will always be grateful to you all.”

Thank you for all you do 🙂


Very Respectfully,

Tyson Francis Belanger