Southington and Plantsville CT Senior Care &
Shady Oaks Assisted Living

Shady Oaks is a great choice for seniors needing a high care assisted living facility in Southington CT, or Plantsville CT. Shady Oaks is in neighboring Bristol. We are just 15 minutes from the Queen Street Walmart in Southington. At Shady Oaks, we work hard to make our home feel cozy, and we often rely on Southington businesses for our home improvements. Winterberry Gardens installed 150+ arbor vitae trees outside our elder care home. Connecticut Shade and Blind installed beautiful pull-down shades in our upstairs dining room. Home Goods provided numerous paintings, deluxe pillows, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Bob’s Furniture and Bed Bath & Beyond supplied excellent bedroom furnishings and decor. Staples helped with our Bristol Press Best of Bristol front yard sign and hundreds of mailings for our families. Home Depot always had great household plants and other items when the Bristol Home Depot ran out. The Plantsville Aqua Turf hosted Connecticut Assisted Living Association events, including the annual awards banquet. We will forever remember when we won the Connecticut assisted living facility Humanitarian Home of the Year in 2021. Shady Oaks has deep roots in Southington.

For assisted living and dementia care services in Southington CT or in Plantsville CT, there are three options. The Orchards is a light care apartment-style assisted living facility. It serves best like an elder care independent living CT home. Mulberry Gardens is a heartfelt facility with a homelike memory care and dementia care community. Livewell is an extraordinary dementia care-focused skilled nursing facility. It provides long-term care solutions for seniors from across Connecticut. Livewell recently expanded its assisted living section. These three assisted living excel for active adults. Livewell and Mulberry Gardens rank among the best Connecticut senior living homes. However, like most Connecticut assisted living facilities, they see assisted living along a “continuum of care.” This means they expect assisted living residents to someday move to Southington CT skilled nursing facilities as needs increase. Shady Oaks has a very different view. Here, we offer a long-term care alternative to Southington nursing homes. 95% of our residents stay to their passing, and they pass here without needing CT skilled nursing facilities.

Shady Oaks has another key difference when compared to Mulberry Gardens and Livewell. About 70% of our residents have dementia, but we do not have a locked memory care unit. This means we cannot help angry, disruptive, or wandering residents. Fortunately, this also means our residents are much more gentle and easygoing compared to some residents in locked memory care units. Several residents have moved here from memory care units in other CT assisted living to get away from their disruptive residents. They prefer our combination of peace and high care. We recommend visiting us and feeling the difference. Contact us today, and we will take a tour.