Plainville CT Senior Care &
Shady Oaks Assisted Living

Before my parents built Shady Oaks Assisted Living, they grew up in Plainville. My mother’s family moved to Plainville from Spadra, Arkansas. As a girl, my mother and her friend rode their bicycles to the downtown Dairy Queen, which is still there today. My father’s family moved to Plainville from Chapman, Maine. My parents met at Plainville High School. They married at age 20 in a little church on Broad Street. They had three boys, and all three learned to swim at the Plainville YMCA. In 1974, my parents moved to Unionville, then they built Shady Oaks. In January 2018, after 53 proud years of marriage with my mother, my father passed away. We miss him.

Shady Oaks Assisted Living in Bristol CT is an 11-minute drive from downtown Plainville. For many years, Shady Oaks was the only Connecticut senior living home near Plainville. There is now one Residential Care Home (RCH) in Plainville. Most RCHs are small, basic, homey, and cozy. Because Connecticut allows RCHs to participate in Medicaid, they are sometimes better than assisted living. The RCH in Plainville is Blessed Home (formerly Victorian Gardens or Belle Marie). Like Shady Oaks, it is family owned. Blessed Home is a worthwhile Medicaid option for light care. Shady Oaks started as an RCH in 1975. We became an assisted living facility so we could afford better renovations and better staffing.