New Britain CT Senior Care &
Shady Oaks Assisted Living

Shady Oaks is a great choice for families seeking a high-care assisted living New Britain CT home. Shady Oaks is in nearby Bristol. It is just 14 minutes from the New Britain center. My name is Tyson. I am the owner and director of Shady Oaks. When my parents first got married, they lived in New Britain and rented a “cold flat” apartment with no heat or laundry, so they could save up money. They shared a telephone line with their neighbors. After a year there, they bought a small home in Plainville and began raising a family. My mother, my two older brothers, and I were all born at New Britain Hospital. In 1969, my parents bought their first small senior living facility in Connecticut. It was called Shady Oaks, and it was on the New Britain / Farmington line, which we now know as Chili’s restaurant near the Westfarms Mall. In 1974, several attorneys and a doctor knew Westfarms would soon be built, so they offered big money to buy that property. My parents did not know about Westfarms, but the offer was very generous, and they took it. This was a lucky break for my family. My family then moved to Unionville, and my parents built the upstairs half of Shady Oaks in Bristol CT.

Options are limited for New Britain CT assisted living homes and New Britain CT senior care services. Hartford Healthcare owns Arbor Rose Assisted Living. Arbor Rose has a good reputation, especially for active adults. It recently completed a fresh renovation and added apartments. The main challenge with Arbor Rose is that it cannot help residents who need high care, except if they separately pay for one-on-one aides to supplement Arbor Rose staffing. This means most residents transition along a “continuum of care” into CT skilled nursing facilities. This is when Arbor Rose residents should contact Shady Oaks Assisted Living. This transition from Arbor Rose to Shady Oaks is a normal path. About 40% of our residents move to us from other CT assisted living homes. 95% stay here to their passing without needing nursing homes.

There are several New Britain CT skilled nursing facilities. Their major advantage over Shady Oaks is that they accept Medicaid / Title 19 when residents run out of money. However, they have long wait lists, feel like hospitals, and charge maybe twice the private pay rates of Shady Oaks. Sometimes, seniors go to nursing homes for Medicare-covered post-hospital rehabilitation, and this is good for a few weeks, but what next after rehab? This is when seniors contact us.