Why do people choose Shady Oaks Assisted Living?

People choose Shady Oaks when they prioritize strong nursing care in a cozy and loyal home. We are like a bed and breakfast but with lots of any time on-hand nurse and aide assistance. People choose other assisted living when they prioritize large rooms and active adult mingling. People choose nursing homes when they lack private pay funds or suffer extreme care needs.

Does Shady Oaks provide dementia care?

About 70% of our residents have memory loss. This ranges from forgetfulness to two-person mechanical lifts and helps eating. Our main limit is we cannot help residents who might leave the building or disrupt others with extreme behaviors. This limit is also our advantage. Our home is easygoing. Some residents move here to escape the disruptions they experience in locked units.

Does Shady Oaks accept Medicare?

Medicare covers short-term rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities and therapies by home health agencies. It ends when residents can no longer make therapeutic progress. In our home, Medicare covers short-term home health therapies and medications, but it does not pay for rent. Connecticut does not allow assisted living homes to receive Medicare payments as rent.

Does Shady Oaks accept Medicaid?

Medicaid typically covers long-term room, board, and high care in skilled nursing facilities. It also covers long-term room, board, and light care in residential care homes. Connecticut does not allow assisted living homes to receive Medicaid payments as rent. To help make our home affordable, we help connect residents with VA Aid & Attendance and CT Pilot Pay assistance.

How much does Shady Oaks cost?

Shady Oaks rent is all-inclusive for care, room, furnishings, dining, activities, and many other services. We do not charge admission fees or require long-term leases. Most residents have medium to high care needs. In 2022, most residents paid $6,500 to $7,500 monthly for a shared room, plus $2,000 for a single room. Very high-care residents paid another $500 to $1,000.

What are the move-in steps for Shady Oaks?

The best first step is to call the owner, Tyson, at 860-583-1526. He will help you understand the strengths and limits of our Shady Oaks. The second step is to visit so Tyson can answer more questions and show us our home. The third step is for our Supervising Nurse, Nicki, to evaluate the resident. Finally, Tyson will call back with final approval and help coordinate your move-in.

Does Shady Oaks have a waitlist?

Shady Oaks is a small home with 23 rooms and about 40 residents. We sometimes get full. The longest wait list last year was 4 months. Shared female rooms are typically open every month. Shared male rooms are often open every two months. Single rooms might open every four months. Sometimes people start with one room, then move to another as other options become available.