Canton CT Senior Care &
Shady Oaks Assisted Living

Shady Oaks is a great choice for seniors needing a Canton CT assisted living home. Shady Oaks is in nearby Bristol. We are just 12 minutes from the Collinsville dam. My name is Tyson. I am the owner and director of Shady Oaks. When I was a kid and growing up in Unionville, we took school trips to the Canton Historical Museum. I remember feeling awe at seeing the dam and driving over the bridge. Around that same time, my parents bought our first family computer, an Apple IIGS, from a little store along Albany Turnpike. I typed my Middle School and High School assignments on that trusty computer. While at Farmington High School, I was on the wrestling team all four years. I remember tough matches at Canton High School.

Canton CT senior care services and Canton CT senior living options are limited. There are no assisted living homes in Canton CT, and Cherry Brook is the only skilled nursing facility. Cherry Brook has a good reputation, with 4 stars on and 4.1 stars on Google. I like its rustic setting. As a nursing home, it is among the best. However, its business model resembles other CT long term care homes. Most charge $14,000 to $20,000 a month until their residents run out of money. The good news is they connect residents to Medicaid / Title 19, so they can stay forever. This is a great package deal for seniors who have high care needs, low pensions, and under $100,000 in starting assets.

However, Shady Oaks is a much better and more affordable option for senior care in Canton CT. Our home is much more attractive and homelike than CT skilled nursing facilities. We staff at a high level, and we cover our staff call-outs without using agency staff. Because of our high care, 95% of our residents can stay through to their passing without needing a CT nursing home. Many seniors also choose us for our affordability. Our rates are about half as much as in the nursing homes. CT assisted living cannot offer Medicaid / Title 19, but we can connect eligible residents to VA and CT aid worth up to $4,100 monthly. As of January 2024, we have only lost 5 residents to running out of money in the last eight years. For most residents, this means they successfully pay for many years of care and still pass down a proud inheritance to their families.