Burlington CT Senior Care &
Shady Oaks Assisted Living

Shady Oaks is a great option for families searching for an assisted living facility in Burlington, CT. We are just 12 minutes from the Burlington town hall. My name is Tyson. I am the owner of Shady Oaks. I grew up on Burlington Road in Unionville. My parents built Shady Oaks. Almost daily, they drove by Lake Garda Elementary School along Monce Road to Shady Oaks. My aunt was the head nurse at Shady Oaks for over 21 years. For much of that time, she lived in Burlington and raised her family there. Her four children graduated from Lewis Mills High School. My brother has lived in Burlington for over twenty years. His son recently graduated from Lewis Mills. His daughter still attends Burlington schools. Burlington is a great place to raise a family.

Options for Burlington, CT elder care and Burlington CT senior care are very limited. There are no Burlington assisted living facilities, no Burlington skilled nursing facilities, and no long-term care communities in Burlington CT. Shady Oaks in Bristol is the closest assisted living home. Cherry Brook in Canton is the closest skilled nursing facility. Many Burlington seniors start with CT homemaker companion care before leaving their homes and moving into a senior living facility. Home care works well, while senior care needs remain low. In our area, home care typically costs $30-40 per hour for a personal care assistant. When care needs exceed 4 hours a day, seniors would save money if they moved to assisted living. Few people can afford live-in care. Some agencies charge $10,000 or more a month for this, and the senior must also pay for their home and food. Moreover, live-in aides usually lack the expertise of nurses, recreational directors, and professional chefs. Seniors who need 24/7 help save money and get the best care by moving to Shady Oaks. To learn more about Shady Oaks Assisted Living, contact us today.