Avon CT Senior Care &
Shady Oaks Assisted Living

Shady Oaks is a great option for families seeking senior living in Avon CT, or dementia care in Avon CT. Shady Oaks is in nearby Bristol. We are just 14 minutes from Avon High School. My name is Tyson. I am the owner and director of Shady Oaks. As I grew up in Unionville, I knew Avon as our twin town up West Avon Road. I tasted my first-ever bagel at a bagel shop in Avon. I enjoyed my best friend’s birthday parties at the Farmington Valley Mall video game arcade and bought special wrestling shoes at Sartorious Sports. I earned my acceptance to Yale University by doing well on the SAT I took at Avon High School. After college and right before I joined the Marines, a top Avon doctor did finger tendon surgery on my left hand. I never again had trouble with it, even through 6 years of service. Avon has a reputation for doing it right.

However above all, I gratefully remember the end-of-life care my grandfather received at an Avon CT skilled nursing facility. My grandfather grew up in Arkansas, worked in coal mines, moved to Connecticut, worked in factories, and enjoyed an adventurous retirement. Eventually, he needed very high levels of senior care. This happened before Shady Oaks reached our now high level of care. Back then, we desperately tried nursing home after nursing home. We then found Avon Health Center. The staff there did a superb and difficult job of helping him feel comfortable. My family’s gratitude back then now inspires me today at Shady Oaks. We take great pride in helping people with high needs, and we help them all the way through. For most residents, we serve as an alternative to a CT nursing home. We are cozy and affordable.

Today, there are three Avon CT assisted living facilities. Benchmark River Ridge feels like a gorgeous Mariott hotel, with large private general care rooms and a small second-floor memory care unit. The LCB Residence at Brookside offers a similar profile, with its website emphasizing active lifestyles and elegant dining. Arden Courts specialize in memory care with a large backyard and frequent dementia tailored activities. All three homes have good online reviews.

Compared with Avon CT assisted living options, Shady Oaks has more leadership continuity, higher care, and more affordability. Our supervising nurse has led our home for over 4½ years. For care, we recently had a resident with dementia come to us from Arden Courts. Arden Courts does not help residents with mechanical lifts, but we do. About 70% of our residents have dementia, and about 40% of our residents use two-person transfers. We also had a resident with Parkinson’s come to us from Benchmark when she needed more help. Plus, we saved these residents money by keeping our prices within reach, even at high care levels. Some CT assisted living facilities charge over $14,000 for two-person transfer care when the same resident would pay $9,000 here. We actively connect residents with VA and CT assisted living financial aid. Connecticut helps 9 of our residents with an average of $2,800 monthly. If you worry about going beyond Avon assisted living care levels and affordability, you should call Shady Oaks. Contact us today. I am here every day, and I would love to show you our small high care home.