Farmington CT Assisted Living

Shady Oaks Assisted Living in Bristol CT is a short 11 minute drive from Farmington center and 9 minutes from downtown Unionville. Shady Oaks was the 2nd assisted living home in Connecticut. For many years, it was the only Connecticut assisted living home near Farmington. Now, there are 3 assisted living homes in Farmington (Arden Court, Brookdale Gables and Atria Landing), but Shady Oaks assisted living facility is unique. If you plan to tour Connecticut assisted living homes in Farmington, you should add Shady Oaks to your list.

Each assisted living home has its own feel. Arden Court serves seniors with dementia, anxiety, and mobility, in a town-and-park feel home. Brookdale Gables offers dignified apartment senior living in a rustic natural setting. Atria Landing has stylish apartment living and dementia care for active seniors. Meanwhile, here at Shady Oaks assisted living facility, we provide strong nursing in a cozy and loyal elder care home. People choose our assisted living home when they want the highest quality nursing care. We excel at helping seniors with advancing disabilities and non-wandering dementia. Our assisted living nurses give great care, and our elder care home feels like a bed and breakfast. Plus, as nursing needs increase, we are the most affordable assisted living home.

My parents moved to Unionville in 1974 and built Shady Oaks in 1976. I attended West District School, Irving A. Robbins, and Farmington High School. At FHS, I wrestled all four years, and I served as student body president. I left for Yale in 1994, and I joined the Marines in 1999. Year after year, my parents and family developed Shady Oaks assisted living facility. My father passed away in January 2018, and my mother still lives in Unionville. I visit her every day. I am also active in veteran events. Every year, I march in our annual Farmington/Unionville Memorial Day parade.